Community involvement: Angelina shares her cleanup story!

During World Cleanup Day 2023 we met Angelina who is just 16 years old but already passionate about recycling. She cares deeply about keeping her island Curaçao green and clean. This is the motivation she shared with us. Let this inspire and motivate you!

1. Why is recycling important?
Recycling is important because it helps us to conserve our natural resources, save energy and reduce pollution, making a greater contribution to a healthier planet for everyone. 

2. What are the benefits of recycling for society? 
Recycling has many benefits to society, including creating jobs, reducing all waste going to landfills and reducing air and water pollution (it creates a cleaner and healthier society). 

3. How can you encourage others to recycle? 
I try to make others aware of the importance of recycling by setting a good example and sharing information with others. I also motivate the people around me to always participate in cleanups, they are not only good for the environment, but they are also a lot of fun! 

4. What are the challenges you encounter while recycling? 
Some challenges with recycling are that most people are not properly informed about what recycling entails and what is or is not recyclable. I also think that most people do not know what influence waste actually has on daily life. This is not helping us if we want to move forward with recycling. 

5. Do you have a personal experience that made you aware of the importance of recycling? 
Yes, I remember I had a group assignment in the 4th grade about pollution. For research we went to Shut (near Campo Alegre). I still remember how dirty it was and how much it smelled. I could not believe that people just left all their rubbish there. Even at such an early age I thought it was horrible.