A mobile upcycling concept to build a better world

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Why dump, burn or ship plastic waste around the world…

…if you can manage it locally with our rolling kitchens!

The Great Plastic Bake Off
Turning the tide on plastic pollution

The Great Plastic Bake Off aims to add value to plastic waste by converting it into Fit-For-Purpose-Plastic™ building materials. This principle is an important tool in the fight against global plastic pollution. It is an incentive for the storage, collection and upcycling of plastic waste and offers an alternative to dumping, incineration, landfilling or shipping it around the world.

Our mobile upcycling concept

Our FUSE mobile upcycling units™ are designed for usage in those places where the risk of plastic waste ending up in the environment is greatest. With this properly functioning waste management system plastic waste can be processed into useful building materials. For example, bricks for building houses ‘on the spot’. But also sidewalk tiles, retaining walls and other functional applications.

Safe and easy, with local spin-off

We use a plug and play principle, installation is safe and easy. Both the waste conversion process and the end products do not harm people or the environment. With our units we create, stimulate and facilitate local entrepreneurship. This focusses on collecting and sorting plastic waste for use in the rolling kitchen and/or applying the produced building materials.

What’s going on?

It is said that there will be more plastic than fish in the sea by 2050. This claim highlights the plastic pollution crisis we are experiencing right now, affecting life in our oceans and on land.

An estimated 8 billion kilos of plastic waste ends up in the sea every year. Most of it is thrown away on the mainland or dumped in rivers and then carried to the sea by water or wind. There it gradually falls apart into small pieces leading to serious contamination. Animals can mistake the plastic for food, or get caught in it, and particles end up in our food chain.

The bulk of plastic waste that we manage to keep on land is being incinerated or deposited in landfills. This affects the quality of our soil, groundwater and the air we breathe.

On top of this, hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic are being shipped around the world to be processed, often in countries that mismanage more than 70% of their own plastic waste.

The consequences of this plastic pollution crisis are common all over the world and entail high costs and risks for the future.

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Join our network and
become a Plastic Chef!

With a positive attitude and entrepreneurial spirit, we are showing the world how to make a real difference in the fight against plastic pollution. The Great Plastic Bake Off is about joining forces to challenge something that is bigger than ourselves. Become partner of our global network of contributors and supporters.
Together we bake ahead as there is no time to waste.

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Fighting global plastic pollution

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