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    Pilot the Port of Lauwersoog

Our collaboration with the Port of Lauwersoog

The Port of Lauwersoog shares our vision of sustainability and circularity and offers us the opportunity to test our circular concept locally. Together with entrepreneurs and waste companies, we are testing our circular concept in the form of a pilot. For this purpose, we signed a letter of intent with port director Harm Post and drew up a plan of action, including a public campaign. The intention is to then bring the tested concept to other locations. We are in contact with organizations around the world and from different sectors that are interested in our solution.

Meanwhile, on the initiative of Port Lauwersoog, The Great Plastic Bake Off has conducted a first market consultation and inventory with the ‘sustainable port coalition’ (a cooperation between entrepreneurs, waste processors, authorities and the port authority) whereby companies have agreed to deliver plastic waste to the GPBO for the purpose of test, pilot and demonstration purposes. The coalition is actively thinking and collaborating in the preparations for the pilot. It has become clear that there is plenty of need for construction materials that can be used/sold at the port. For example, within the port a new world heritage center is being developed. The entire outdoor space of this center has to be designed. For this purpose, the Rolling Kitchen makes building materials from local plastic waste. In the near future, the network of collaborative partners will be further expanded and addressed to work together to prepare for the arrival of the Rolling Kitchen to Lauwersoog in 2021.

Collaboration partners
  • The Port of Lauwersoog
  • Restaurant Schierzicht 
  • Fish shop Sterkenburg
  • Fish Trade Lauwersoog
  • CIV Lauwersoog (purchase and service organization Scheepvaart)
  • Wadden Pavilion De Noorman
  • NNRD waste management
  • Omrin
  • Bek & Verburg
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