Making progress in Bonaire

We are making progress in Bonaire! Large amounts of plastic waste have been collected at the terrain of partner Selibon N.V..

This plastic will be transformed into building materials by our partner Bon Recycling B.V. using our mobile factory the Fuse Kitchen, as of this summer. We will also be transforming plastic waste from local organizations BestBrands, Chogogo Dive & Beach Resort and Leáñez International.


The produced building materials will be sold at the local Kooyman B.V. and can be used for various applications such as fences, floors, and outdoor furniture. We are also working on a collaboration with Sentro Akseso Boneiru, so our products can be used in their social projects as well.

Local partners
We’d like to thank our partners for all the hard work so far and believing in our mission. We are grateful to deputy Hennyson Thielman for his longtime support: “For Bonaire, the reuse and recycling of products is an important agenda item. Local companies are encouraged to use plastic waste to manufacture new products. FUSE facilitates this and develops products that also benefit our local community. This circular concept fits in with our goal of bringing innovation to Bonaire while also reducing waste.”

Together we make it work! More to come soon…

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