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    Fuse Kitchen @ the Trans Nzoia region, Western Kenya: Enabling local communities to turn plastic waste into building materials that meet local needs

GPBO joins forces with Mount Elgon Orchards and Mount Elgon Trust! Together we will design and innovate with locally available plastic waste in Trans Nzoia region in Western Kenya. Our collaboration has received booster funding by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SBIR program) which allows us to perform a feasibility study in the coming months.

The Trans Nzoia region faces many challenges, including plastic waste and affordable housing. To tackle these challenges and provide sustainable growth to the region, we will focus on turning plastic waste into something useful: with the mobile upcycling unit (Fuse Kitchen) from GPBO the local community can transform plastic waste into affordable building materials. These can be used for community facilities and services, but also for usage in the commercial business of Mount Elgon Orchard and neighboring farms. This solves several problems at once: plastic waste pollution, a shortage of building materials and unemployment.

Mount Elgon Orchards and Mount Elgon Trust are very experienced in setting up local initiatives for the region to develop itself. This includes community facilities and services which not only provide jobs for the residents of the area, but also training facilities for the local students. With their knowledge and expertise about the region and specifically the plastic waste issues and opportunities, we can reinforce each other and realize our joint ambitions.