Port of Lauwersoog
sustainable initiatives

  • Accommodation is gas-free with heat pump and solar panels.
  • Uses environmental and animal-friendly cleaning products.
  • As many local breakfast products as possible.
  • Website: https://schierzicht-logement.nl/
  • The development of the energy-efficient and gas-free building of the WEC is in full progress.
  • You will learn everything about the ecosystem of the Wadden Sea.
  • Website: https://wec-waddenzee.nl/
  • Partner of GPBO that offers remote controlled makes drones, called “Wastesharks”.
  • The Wasteshark removes plastic waste from the water.
  • Website: https://www.ranmarine.io/
  • Partner of GPBO that offers storytelling, creativity and gamification used to raise children’s awareness the impact and value of plastic waste.
  • Website: https://captainfanplastic.com/
  • Partner of GPBO who provides learning and development from everyone in the municipality of Het Hogeland facilitates and stimulates.
  • Website: vaklandhethogeland.nl/
  • Builds hydrogen ship Neo Orbis, the first ship in the world that will sail electrically, propelled by hydrogen.
  • Website: https://ngshipyards.com/en/


  • Waste processor.
  • Partner of GPBO that focuses on obtaining of value from waste instead of burning it or deposit.
  • Processes 14 million tons of waste annually of which 89% is recycled.
  • Website: www.renewi.com
  • Uses electric baking wall.
  • Water-saving dishwash equipment
  • biodegradable
    packing material.
  • Website: schierzicht.nl