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    Destination Bonaire; from waste to product with a local systematic approach

Good news: GPBO is starting a new initiative on Bonaire together with Bon Recycling: Fuse Caribbean! Together with our chain partners, waste processor Selibon and construction market Kooyman, we have set up an innovative plastic value chain and in the coming years we will use our Fuse technology to transform polluted plastic waste streams into Fit-For-Purpose-Plastic (add trade market sign) products.

From mid-2022 we will start processing plastic waste from the Bonaire landfill to make building materials that can be reused locally. This will make the landfill smaller and the plastic collected from various clean-up initiatives will be given a clear purpose. We will encourage source separation through education programs and other initiatives.

Fuse Caribbean is starting on Bonaire and is one of the pilots that GPBO is currently setting up to further develop the Fuse concept.

Our ultimate goal is to give people all over the world the opportunity to get started with our mobile Fuse kitchens.

Collaboration partners
  • Bon Recycling
  • Kooyman
  • Selibon
  • Coca-Cola
  • Clean Coast Bonaire
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Bonaire